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Action Platformer Review

TEVI – Review

Tevi is a 2023 2D action-platformer developed by GemaYue, Ein Lee, and developer/publisher studio CreSpirit. The game is a follow-up, and spiritual successor, to their hit 2016 title Rabi-Ribi. Like its predecessor, Tevi is a Metroidvania game with a cutesy visual presentation and an emphasis on combat. Its signature flair is the presence of bullet […]

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Action Indie Platformer Review

The Last Faith – Review

What happens when you get an “unholy alliance” of one of gaming’s most cherished titles and a genre that continues to deliver excellence? You get The Last Faith — a game that takes Bloodborne’s eldritch horror and gives it a metroidvania makeover.  I first became aware of The Last Faith’s development when a Kickstarter trailer was released around 2020. […]

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Action Platformer Review

Metroid Prime Remastered – Review

Following the release of Metroid Dread, there has been rumor upon rumor of a Metroid Prime Collection or Remaster. Up until recently, this was just hearsay. Then Nintendo just shadow-drop the Metroid Prime Remastered out of nowhere during a Nintendo Direct. First Verse, Same as the First Metroid Prime Remastered starts as just about every […]

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Indie Platformer Review Rogue-Like

Moonscars – Review | A Well Moulded Metroidvania

Metroidvanias are surging in popularity. With simple mechanics that feature abilities, upgrades, backtracking, and exploration, two things serve to make one of these titles stand out amongst the crowd – world design and rewarding combat. This is what I paid the closest attention to when playing Moonscars, the début entry from developers Black Mermaid. Will […]

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Action Indie Platformer Review

Aeterna Noctis – Review | When “Gittin’ Gud” Doesn’t Feel so Good

Aeterna Noctis, the first game developed by Aeternum Game Studios, was originally announced back in 2020, via a Kickstarter campaign. The full release arrived in December of 2021, to much acclaim.  Promising to be a “demanding metroidvania”, Aeterna Noctis offers challenging platforming, slick combat, and hours of exploration. Players will find new zones, enemies, and rewards as […]

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Action Adventure Platformer Review

Metroid Dread – Review | A Worthy Crown-Bearer

If you’d told me even 12 months ago that Metroid would not only be getting a brand new 2D game, but it was a sequel to the 19-year-old Metroid Fusion, I’d have permanently damaged my vocal cords from all the scoffing. To think, Metroid Dread was surprise announced and released within a few months…man, it […]

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Adventure Indie Platformer Review

Unbound: Worlds Apart – Review | Beyond the Veil

Metroidvania is a crowded genre these days. And with games like Hollow Knight and the Ori series setting a high standard, would-be contenders can’t simply be satisfied with functionality. To make an impact, a metroidvania needs something that stands out. Unbound: Worlds Apart from Alien Pixel Studios makes its bid with a unique portal mechanic. […]