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Remote Life – Review

Remote Life is a Shmup title developed by Next Level Game. It aims to provide a more narrative-driven experience to the genre and brings a few very unusual features to the genre. Does it work? Let’s find out. Is This Real Life?  Remote Life takes that tried and tested narrative of aliens threatening the very […]

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Gynoug – Review

Ok, so 2021 was the Terminator 2 of solar cycles. It was built upon the solid foundation set by its predecessor, it was bigger, badder, and both had Arnold Schwarzenegger. Of course, being the perfect sequel to one of the worst years in recent history means, well, 2021 was pretty god damn awful. But, there […]

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Panorama Cotton – Review | Faux-3D

The pre-3D era was an exciting time. Developers were using all kinds of visual shenanigans to give off the impression of 3D, without actually being 3D at all. Arcade games like Space Harrier pioneered and even perfected, this faux-3D look, and some even hold up today. Panorama Cotton, a game that was previously only released […]

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Gleylancer – Review

The Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis to some of you) was one hell of a little machine. Not just home to some of Sega’s finest first-party titles, but also the landing zone for some of the best shoot-em-ups of that generation. Games like Sagaia, Musha, and Thunderforce paved the way for generations to come. Gleylancer […]