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Point and Click Puzzle Review

Nine Noir Lives – Review | If Cats Could Solve Crimes

Point-and-click puzzlers. A genre synonymous with early PC gaming. Brain-bending puzzles wrapped within strong narratives, carried by a gripping cast of characters. Nine Noir Lives makes an attempt in earnest to tick all of these boxes, though with an added difference – cats! Developed by Slivernode Games, Nine Noir Lives offers a “point-and-lick” puzzle adventure, in a gritty city […]

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Anime Point and Click Review Strategy Visual Novel

Digimon Survive – Review | Shrine of the Kemonogami

Digimon Survive is primarily a visual novel. This seems to be the big controversy for this title, so I’ll get it out the way first. In this jaunt to the Digital World, you’ll find SRPG combat, point-and-click gameplay, and even mechanics similar to dating sims. Despite all of this and more being in Digimon Survive, […]

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Narrative Point and Click Review

Fire Tonight—Review | A Spark That Doesn’t Ignite

Fire Tonight is a narrative puzzle game from developer Reptoid Games and publisher Way Down Deep about Maya and Devin, a couple struggling to reunite while a fire rages across the city. You alternate between guiding Maya past flaming buildings and police barricades as she makes her way to Devin’s apartment and sitting with Devin […]

Lair of the Clockwork God - Featured
Indie Platformer Point and Click Puzzle Review

Lair of The ClockWork God – Review

Introduction What could you possibly want from a game? Intense action-packed platforming? Interesting and mind-bending puzzles? Yeah, you know where I’m going with this. Developed and published by Size Five Games, Lair of The ClockWork God is exactly what my snarky introduction implies: A fast-paced platformer combined with a point and click puzzle system.  The symbiosis between […]