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Crymachina – Portals, Bosses and Coordinates Guide

Crymachina is a fairly straightforward game in terms of playing through the story, but it does offer some optional hidden content. There are unlockable portals in many of the levels with tough mini-bosses and you can enter subnetwork coordinates to try and unlock new optional levels. This guide will provide some information about how to unlock the portals and some of these levels.

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Crymachina - Portal

Portal Bosses

Portals will lead you to a high-level mini-boss. Be warned that these can be powerful enough to kill you in a hit or two depending on when you encounter them. For example, while not the lowest level portal boss, the one in the first level is level 75. This certainly won’t be possible on your first run, so I suggest returning to them when you’re close to the end of the game.

Portals in Crymachina usually have activation requirements, which are switches. These come in two types – ones suspended on a wall or in the air which you can shoot or hit, and ones that you step on to activate. Some are timed and will go inactivate unless you hit them all within a certain period of time. A few have exceptions such as no activation requirements but some platforming required, or the requirement to destroy something else.

Here are the list of locations and requirements. Levels are small and portals are often in plain sight, so hopefully these descriptions are reasonably easy to follow.

Astral Observation NET / Gateway <KETER> – Off to the left of the path after the second enemy. Jump past the lasers. No activation requirement.

Vast Arsenal NET / Gateway <CHOKHMAH> – Dash between the three buttons before the rail. Do this quickly before they time out to activate the portal. It is possible with all three characters, but Ami may not be the best choice.

Vast Arsenal NET / Checkpoint – Destroy the two automated turrets on a slight branch off to the left by shooting them.

Humanoid Arsenal NET / Gateway <BINAH> – In the third room, the portal and a box are to the left. While standing on the button hidden behind a box, you will be able to see a floating switch. Shoot it to activate the portal. Note that the switches in the first room are unrelated.

Humanoid Arsenal NET / Checkpoint – Quickly hit all five switches on the platforms on the far side of the room with all the moving platforms. You can dash between the static platforms with switches on. The portal is below.

Cultural Accumulation NET / Gateway <CHESED> – In the area after the rail, there are four switches. One is hidden behind the boxes on the right (jump dash off a nearby box), one is under a destroyable box on the left, one is on top of a box on the far left, and one is on top of a box on the far right by some destroyable boxes.

Cultural Accumulation NET / Checkpoint – There is a switch on the boxes on the moving platform and various switches to shoot while moving. Hit all of them to activate the portal at the end of the ride on the platform.

Deep NET / Gateway <GEVURAH> – There are five switches. The fifth switch is on the right after walking up the ramp after the path with personality data androids. All the others are easy to see if you walk backward to the start of the level. The fifth switch is before the rail.

Deep NET / Checkpoint – After the area with a lot of floating platforms, you’ll find a switch under a breakable box. Hit that, then jump up the steps in front, following them around to hit all switches on the way. For the final one, you’ll need to get on top of the pipe to make the jump. Then continue on the normal path to find the portal

Guardian Spirit NET / Gateway <HOD> – Before the rail leading up to the boss, turn around. Jump between the moving platforms until you reach the top. You can safely land on the diagonal platforms, but jumping off them can be awkward. The portal is there.

Guardian Spirit NET / Checkpoint – Take the branching path off to the left after the previously blocked path is opened. Don’t touch the blue lasers or the platforms will flip and make you fall.

Edenic Essence NET / Gateway <TIPHERETH> – Shoot the three switches on the left near the portal. Then use the two floor switches next to each other to rotate the spinning structure in front to get a clear shot at a fourth switch. Ami’s explosive shot is useful for this.

Crymachina - Subnetwork Coordinates

Subnetwork Coordinates Guide

As you progress through Crymachina, you will unlock new subnetworks. You can enter coordinates here to enter optional levels, which is great for grinding. Many coordinates can be found via documents, but you can just guess them too. That said, with each subnetwork having 99,999 possible addresses, guessing without any hints is difficult.

While this isn’t a full list of coordinates by any means, I’ve used this knowledge and the documents I’ve found to create a list of working subnetwork coordinates for this guide.

Want to Find More For Yourself?

If you just want an easy list of coordinates, skip to the next section. But if you want to dive a little more into how to find your own optional levels in Crymachina and the technical details of how it works, read on.

I have found that quite often addresses nearby documented addresses have levels too. For example, I found a document with CAR 109-91 on it and found that CAR 109-82 and CAR 109-73 are also possibilities. This is the easiest way to find a few extra levels.

In addition, the final part of the address seems to typically be replicated on other initial numbers. For example, I knew SPS-496-06, SPS-496-20, SPS-496-28, and SPS-496-88 existed. So I then set the address to SPS-000-06 and kept increasing the 000 until I found SPS-104-06. This let me know that SPS-104-20, SPS-104-28, and SPS-104-88 also worked. I then replicated it with SPS-272-06, and so on. 

The initial number appears to work based on a pattern too. For example, NOH starts at 110, then increases by +22 (132), +24 (156), +26(182), +28 (210), and so on for some time. CAR starts at 109 and increases by +27 each time until CAR-271. But then it goes to 280 and increases again by +27 to 307.

There are exceptions. TEM-180-03 exists and TEM-360-04, but not TEM-180-04 or TEM-360-03. TEM uses a pattern where the initial number increases by 180 and the final number increases by 1 instead of remaining the same. AMN is another exception.

Astral Observation NET – Subnetwork <CAR>
  • CAR 109-19
  • CAR 109-28
  • CAR 109-37
  • CAR 109-46
  • CAR 109-55
  • CAR 109-64
  • CAR 109-73
  • CAR 109-82
  • CAR 109-91


  • CAR 136-19
  • CAR 136-28
  • CAR 136-37
  • CAR 136-46
  • CAR 136-55
  • CAR 136-64
  • CAR 136-73
  • CAR 136-82
  • CAR 136-91
  • CAR 163-19


  • CAR 163-28
  • CAR 163-37
  • CAR 163-46
  • CAR 163-55
  • CAR 163-64
  • CAR 163-73
  • CAR 163-82
  • CAR 163-91
Vast Arsenal NET – Subnetwork <SPS>
  • SPS-104-06
  • SPS-104-20
  • SPS-104-28
  • SPS-104-88


  • SPS-496-06
  • SPS-496-20
  • SPS-496-28
  • SPS-496-88
Humanoid Arsenal NET – Subnetwork <FID>
  • FID-166-04
  • FID-166-22
  • FID-166-27
  • FID-166-58
  • FID-166-85
  • FID-166-94


  • FID-985-04
  • FID-985-22
  • FID-985-27
  • FID-985-58
  • FID-985-85
  • FID-985-94
Cultural Accumulation NET – Subnetwork <SAP>
  • SAP-123-01 
  • SAP-123-02
  • SAP-123-03
  • SAP-123-04
  • SAP-123-07
  • SAP-123-11
  • SAP-123-18
  • SAP-123-29
  • SAP-123-47
  • SAP-123-76


  • SAP-322-01 
  • SAP-322-02
  • SAP-322-03
  • SAP-322-04
  • SAP-322-07
  • SAP-322-11
  • SAP-322-18
  • SAP-322-29
  • SAP-322-47
  • SAP-322-76
Deep NET – Subnetwork <NOH>
  • NOH-110-00
  • NOH-110-02
  • NOH-110-06
  • NOH-110-12
  • NOH-110-20
  • NOH-110-30
  • NOH-110-42
  • NOH-110-56
  • NOH-110-72
  • NOH-110-90


  • NOH-132-00
  • NOH-132-02
  • NOH-132-06
  • NOH-132-12
  • NOH-132-20
  • NOH-132-30
  • NOH-132-42
  • NOH-132-56
  • NOH-132-72
  • NOH-132-90


  • NOH-156-00
  • NOH-156-02
  • NOH-156-06
  • NOH-156-12
  • NOH-156-20
  • NOH-156-30
  • NOH-156-42
  • NOH-156-56
  • NOH-156-72
  • NOH-156-90


  • NOH-182-00
  • NOH-182-02
  • NOH-182-06
  • NOH-182-12
  • NOH-182-20
  • NOH-182-30
  • NOH-182-42
  • NOH-182-56
  • NOH-182-72
  • NOH-182-90


  • NOH-210-00
  • NOH-210-02
  • NOH-210-06
  • NOH-210-12
  • NOH-210-20
  • NOH-210-30
  • NOH-210-42
  • NOH-210-56
  • NOH-210-72
  • NOH-210-90


  • NOH-240-00
  • NOH-240-02
  • NOH-240-06
  • NOH-240-12
  • NOH-240-20
  • NOH-240-30
  • NOH-240-42
  • NOH-240-56
  • NOH-240-72
  • NOH-240-90


  • NOH-272-00
  • NOH-272-02
  • NOH-272-06
  • NOH-272-12
  • NOH-272-20
  • NOH-272-30
  • NOH-272-42
  • NOH-272-56
  • NOH-272-72
  • NOH-272-90


  • NOH-600-00
  • NOH-600-02
  • NOH-600-06
  • NOH-600-12
  • NOH-600-20
  • NOH-600-30
  • NOH-600-42
  • NOH-600-56
  • NOH-600-72
  • NOH-600-90
Guardian Spirit NET – Subnetwork <TEM>
  • TEM-180-03
  • TEM-360-04
  • TEM-540-05
  • TEM-720-06
  • TEM-900-07
Edenic Essence NEY – Subnetwork <AUD>
  • AUD-100-00
  • AUD-100-04
  • AUD-100-09
  • AUD-100-16
  • AUD-100-25
  • AUD-100-36
  • AUD-100-49
  • AUD-100-64
  • AUD-100-81


  • AUD-255-00
  • AUD-255-04
  • AUD-255-09
  • AUD-255-16
  • AUD-255-25
  • AUD-255-36
  • AUD-255-49
  • AUD-255-64
  • AUD-255-81
Non-Networked Domain – Subnetwork <AMN>
  • ANM-002-84
  • AMN-011-84
  • AMN-026-20
  • AMN-029-24
  • AMN-050-20
  • AMN-145-95
  • AMN-184-16
  • AMN-669-92
  • AMN-696-15
  • AMN-711-45
Platforms: PlayStation 4|5, Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam)
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