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My Fair Princess – Review | Dating an Ojou-sama

My Fair Princess is a visual novel by developer PeasSoft and localized by Sol Press. It puts you in the worn-out shoes of a scholarship student, attending a school for the ultra-rich. This puts a slightly different spin on the standard high school setting which occurs so often in visual novels.

I would call this visual novel primarily a romance story, or I suppose a collection of romance stories considering the branching nature of My Fair Princess. It includes a reasonable dose of drama and a touch of comedy. 

The game can be bought via Steam, but this will be a version without all of the mature content. The full version with all adult content can be found on JAST USA.

The sexual content itself is, for the most part, fairly tame with only a couple of sex scenes per character. It uses mosaics for censorship. I would not consider any of the scenes overly important to the plot.


While I mentioned that this is a romance story, I’d like to start by saying that it’s also a story about family. The life of our protagonist Satoshi Kanamori revolves around his family and his main motivation is always to take care of them.

Originally his family would have been reasonably well off financially as the father owned a clinic, but then he passed away. This left his ailing mother to take care of him, his occasionally caustic younger sister Yui, the even younger triplet sisters, and a baby. On the salary of a hostess in a bar and with poor health, this left them destitute.

Satoshi has made it his goal to get a good education and restart his father’s clinic. This led to his scholarship at a school for the rich, where students are referred to as princes and princesses. It isn’t unusual to see company heirs and children of celebrities there. Due to certain circumstances, he ends up pretending to be one himself, the heir to the Kanamori Conglomerate. Coincidentally, he happens to share a family name with them.

Due to certain circumstances, Satoshi is forced to play the lead role in the upcoming school play. If it’s a success, he will be able to continue working towards his goal. If he fails, he won’t be able to remain at the school any longer. To succeed, he needs to recruit students and perform the play. This is not an easy task, but through your choices, Satoshi can recruit students perhaps and even grow closer to some of the young ladies in the meantime.

That essentially sums up the common route without giving too much away. I felt that this part of My Fair Princess was quite low on drama. Satoshi ran into problems, but there was never any real feeling of dilemma. These initial six hours were all about the setup and despite getting to know the ladies, I felt like the real star was the Kamamori family. A lot of the better comedy moments came from their interactions and they were the ones I felt an attachment too. Most of the young ladies didn’t really have a perfect life, but their issues felt unimportant in comparison.

The common route ends with the festival and the school term. You will end up on one of the five heroine’s routes. While each route is unique, once again family is a strong theme. This looks at the heroine’s relationship with their family to some extent, as well as again highlighting the Kamamori family. This is where it more drama is added and relationships are put to the test.

I did feel like some routes in My Fair Princess were significantly better than others. In fact, one was by far the best, while a couple of others were fairly mediocre. This leads me to talk about the characters.

My Fair Princess - Family


My Fair Princess has five dateable heroines, each with a route that took me two to three hours to clear. The game took me eighteen hours in total.

I started off by pursuing Hitomi, an energetic younger student who often acts affectionately to you. She is stated to be a genius who has built her own robotic maid and various other devices, but despite this, she still has trouble understanding things at times.

I usually like characters who fall into Hitomi’s tropes, but I found her character somewhat bland despite the use of science which approached the appearance of magic. Her story wasn’t too interesting either, though there were some nice moments.

Next up, I played Ayame’s route. She’s the older sister type, who is very friendly and caring to Satoshi and her other friends. She mentions that Satoshi happens to look similar to her brother, who she has not seen for a long time.

Her route was more interesting in the type of problems she had to overcome. It felt sweet, yet sad at times. I did feel that the whole brother concept came off a bit strange though.

Rin came next. She works as a super energetic idol, but when you speak to her at school she acts slightly unfriendly. She has some light tsundere tendencies and gets defensive pretty easily.

I felt that her route was by far the best. She has a rather unusual conflict with her family, which involves quite an interesting character. It also feels like the route where we get to know the heroine’s family the best too.


Maiki is the daughter of two famous actors. She’s very reserved and conservative to the point that she’s concerned about being seen alone with a male. She probably plays the closest to the rich heroine stereotype.

I can’t say that her route was the most interesting, but I did like her as a character after seeing more of her scenes. Initially, she wasn’t as interesting to me, feeling fairly one dimensional. Learning more of her inner thoughts made her more relatable.

Finally, I played Kana’s route. Kana is essentially the richest in the school for the rich. She’s an heir to a business empire and essentially controls the entire school. She has a butler who can seemingly do anything and she herself is extremely competent. She’s overly serious about her duties but kind.

I have mixed feelings on Kana’s route. It felt like she changed in personality quite a bit through the route, which was the cause of the drama which occurred. The drama itself was fairly short-lived too.

My Fair Princess - Text Issues

Writing and Reading

The writing was competent, though it did not particularly stand out in terms of dialogue or wordplay. It did feel like it could use another editing pass though, as there were quite a few typos. 

On the reading side, there were some serious issues. Each character had their own color of text, which is a great way to distinguish them in theory and would have been a very nice touch. Unfortunately, several characters were assigned colors that were difficult to read on the dialogue box. I ran this past a few people, as I understand people experience this differently. They all said the same without prompting though, so I believe this would be an issue for most players.

This can be solved by increasing the opacity of the dialogue box and changing the color of the character text via the options. I highly recommend doing so.

My Fair Princess - Mage Club

Graphics, Sound, and Options

The artwork was high quality overall and there were more than 80 CGs, not including variations. Sprites did not move, but changes for pose and expression frequently which helped convey emotion well.

The 20 pieces of music blended together well with the scenes. It didn’t really stand out, but it certainly worked as it needed to. All the characters other than the main character are all voiced and fit the characters. Ryuuji the butler stood out with how expressive he was at times.

The options are fairly robust when it comes to text and user interface. Notably, it contains an honorifics toggle, which is an appreciated rarity.

There are no Steam achievements for those who own the game on Steam. In fact, the game does not work with the Steam overlay at all, which is rather unusual.

My Fair Princess - Dancing


After mitigating the technical issues, I did enjoy the majority of my time with My Fair Princess. It didn’t really stand out as amazing as far as story or characters go though and some routes weren’t overly interesting, feeling like they dragged on at points. The editing issues are also a point against it. Despite this, I feel like it’s worth playing primarily for the story of Satoshi’s family and their troubles. This in addition to some of the better routes redeems the areas I felt it was lacking in somewhat.


Platforms: PC
Purchase Link: JAST USA

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Many thanks go to Sol Press for a PC review code for this title.

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