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Nacon Pro Compact Controller Colorlight – Review

Long-time readers may recall that we took a look at the Nacon Pro Compact XBox/PC Controller some time back and came away impressed. It had advanced features at a much lower price than you’d expect. But there was one thing it lacked: it’s something that the Nacon Pro Compact Controller Colorlight has set out to solve. It lacked color.

Shining Through

The Nacon Pro Compact Controller Colorlight has all the features of the original Nacon Pro Compact XBox/PC Controller, but its selling point is that it lights up in a variety of up to 25 colors. Many gamers love some RGB lighting and this controller fits in nicely with that aesthetic.

On top of that, it has that classic transparent accessory look. The casing has the components inside are on full display, with the 6 LEDs inside giving us a clear view of the front-facing parts. The plastic feels high-quality too, with no issues with grip despite a lack of texturing on the handles.

By default, it looks great. One of the strengths of the original version is its customization though, and they’ve not skimped in terms of the lighting there.

Nacon Pro Compact Controller Colorlight - Lights Off

Pulsing, Prism, or Cycling 

Before you touch software, the Nacon Pro Compact Controller Colorlight has a few options that you can activate quickly. A button on the back lets you switch between LEDs off, LEDs coming on one by one, or all at once. A few color options are included too. This is good by itself, but when you flip the switch on the back and boot up the Pro Compact App though, your choices skyrocket.

It’s possible to individually set one of 25 colors for each LED. Want 3 to light up red and 3 to be blue? You can do that. How about having each one of them different to look like a rainbow? That works too. Being able to choose each individual color lets you have it your own way.

On top of that, you can choose to have the LEDs in one of three patterns. I typically have mine pulsing on and off slowly, but cycling through LEDs and the whole lot changing color together is an option too. Speed can be varied, so you can choose to have these happen quickly too. Want a more subtle effect? The light intensity can be turned down.

The customization on this controller is amazing.

Pretty and Useful

This review so far has mostly been about appearance. It’s worth stating clearly though, that this is an impressive controller even without it.

A full review of the features can be found here, but here’s the short version:

It’s supposedly a compact controller but it isn’t really that small. While the Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller does fit my large hands better and this one is a little smaller than the official XBox controller, I have no problems with the size.

The Nacon Pro Compact Controller Colorlight is wired but does use a high-quality braided 3m cable which will be long enough for almost anyone. The lack of battery makes it lightweight too, and far more comfortable to me than the official control for long play sessions.

Buttons, analog sticks, and triggers all feel great. The triggers are shorter than some, which will be positive or negative depending on the type of game.

Most notable though is something I already touched on: customization. It’s not just the appearance that can be set the way you like it. The Nacon Pro Compact Controller Colorlight is programable, with button mapping, inversion of controls, presets for sensitivity, and more. Again, for more details on this, check the original review, but it’s extremely impressive for a controller in this low price range to have these features.


The Nacon Pro Compact Controller Colorlight is comfortable, high-quality, and the price is right. On top of that, it’s extremely customizable, both in function and appearance.

As long as you’re not tied to wireless, this makes a great entry point into professional features in controllers. It works perfectly for that multicolor lighting aesthetic for your gaming room or on stream too.


Platforms: Xbox One, PC

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Many thanks go to Nacon for providing a review unit for this title.

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