Nook News – 02/20/23 – Free VNs and Magical Girls

Welcome to another week of Nook News. Unfortunately, our regular news writer is away and as such, we only have visual novel news this week.

Visual Novel News:

Shiravune have announced Tamayura Mirai, a ‘fantasy rom-com visual novel set in a town where humans and spirits intermingle‘ from Azurite is coming to Steam and Johren in Spring 2023.

There is a girl, searching for something she lost…

In the town of Fukano, the air smells otherworldly. Long ago, humans and other spirits—the sorts of creatures we called youkai—lived together on this enchanted soil. Even now Fukano is still full of strange stories, of mystical entities and mysterious forces.

Find the Store Page Here

Idea Factory International have announced that Charade Maniacs comes to the Nintendo Switch this Summer in North America and Europe. The blurb follows:

In the near future… Summer break was around the corner. Hiyori Sena, a sophomore in high school, was living a peaceful life. One day, as she was walking home with her childhood friend, a masked figure appeared before them. The two were abducted and taken to a strange world with two moons. When they awoke, they met nine others in the same predicament. In their confusion, the mysterious figure began to speak. “Welcome to Arcadia!” “In this world, if you perform for us, your wildest dreams can come true!”

In order to find their way home, the group was forced to work together and act in an assortment of scenes from a drama. They were also made aware that a traitor walked among them… What could be the motive of this traitor? And why are they all being forced to act? Unable to fully trust anyone, who’s hand will she take in the end?

Find the Website Here

Following it’s 2017 Steam release, Gamuzumi has announced the upcoming release of Sakura Magical Girls on Nintendo Switch this week where you can ‘Date three magical girls who make a spectacular entry into a beach resort, protecting love itself from the forces of evil’.

Find the Trailer Here

Free/PWYW Visual Novels

This appears to be the week of free/pay what you want visual novels, as several have released all this past week. We’ve included the blurb next to each title

Selene ~Apoptosis~A beautiful stranger appears at your doorstep. Will you let her in? Dive into a captivating nightmare and decide the fates of those around you in this free mystic thriller visual novel. (Selene’s adult content DLC does incur a small cost, but the base game is free)

Deluge: Sermon for the DeadIn the streets of Abbotsford, a girl daydreams of cataclysmic floods. Descend into the depths of her tempestuous sorrow. An interactive visual novel with psychological and lovecraftian undertones.

Under MaintenanceAn everyday dramedy otome game that asks the tough question: When a game about love goes down for maintenance, can the game of love begin?

Fantasia : At Regime’s EndWhen the Kingdom of Requia fell into the hands of it’s enemies, Valledyne, the princess fortunately managed to escape with her two trusted bodyguards. You are an assassin sent by Valledyne to kill the Princess and end the war once and for all, but will your allegiance falter?

Take Me or Leaf Me  – A special Valentine’s treat where you can DATE PLANTS!

Review Catchup

That’s all the visual novel news we have for you this week. But if you’ve not yet, you might be interested to catchup on our review of Marshmallow All The Way Home? We’ve written a guide to help you too.

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