Nook News – 2/7/2021

Welcome to the first installment of Nook News! I’m your host, TrueStorySeamus and… I realize this would sound a lot better talking into a camera.

VN News:

ININ Games are releasing a physical release of Root Double with two quite stuffed-to-the-brim collectors editions. It comes with more than you’d expect, like two posters, 2 CD soundtrack, a standee, and if you’re willing to splurge a bit more cash a reversible dakimakura pillowcase. Check back with us soon for our full review… the game, I mean, not the pillowcase.

A Kickstarter Visual Novel project from MoeSoft is currently live called Napoleon Madian. Its story is written by Sumimoto Yu, a light-novel writer whose previous work, The Sky I Looked up at Last Summer was published by famed light-novel publisher: Dengeki Bunko.

The game sees you playing as a protagonist who wakes up from a car accident to find himself in 19th century France in the midst of a revolution. It’s set to release on the Nintendo Switch first, with PS4, Xbox One, and Steam releases to follow afterward. There are less than two weeks until funding concludes, so you’d like to help back the project, click here.

Those of you whose finances are still recovering from the holidays, you’re less likely to purchase more games. Regardless, with February now being upon us, love is in the air and MangaGamer is here to provide you with a capitalize on the season. They’re hosting a Valentine’s Day Sale with a large number of their titles being up to 50% off! Click here to start saving!

Recent Releases:

First up is Kowloon High-School, a remaster of 2004 dungeon crawler being released for the first time in the west exclusively on the Nintendo Switch! You play as a treasure hunter aiming to find a lost ruin hidden under a highschool in Shinjuku. We’ll be bringing a review to you soon, so keep an eye out!

Also out this week is Eiyu*Senki Gold is out on PC via JAST USA. It’s an 18+ turn-based strategy RPG with over 70 characters to recruit to your cause. A Steam release will be coming soon. We’ll be reviewing the JAST USA version.

Gaming News:

In what could be considered a case of perfect timing, not too long after the release of Atelier Ryza 2, Koei Tecmo has announced a collection for the series called the Atelier Mysterious Trilogy Deluxe Pack! It includes Atelier SophieAtelier Firis, and Atelier Lydie & Suelle all in one neat package along with a large amount of the previously released DLC. In addition, Atelier Sophie is getting a brand new episode and costume. It’s set to release on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC (Steam) on April 22nd! The official trailer can be watched here.

Read our full review for Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy

One of the game industry’s greatest comeback stories, Final Fantasy XIV Online is getting its fourth expansion: Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker! Some of the biggest additions include brand new locations, your level cap being raised from 80 to 90, and of course, new character classes! Square-Enix has revealed that the Sage class is finally coming, with more to be released at a later day. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is set to launch this Fall!

On top of that, a Playstation 5 version of Final Fantasy XIV Online is also being worked on! A beta test for the platform will begin on April 13th, which will coincide with the game’s 5.5 update for every platform.

Watch the announcement trailer here

Numskull Games, the European publisher of the recently released Re:ZERO The Prophecy of the Throne, is hosting their own live stream on Friday, February 12th at 5PM (GMT)! They promise to have updates for Battle Axe and Bladed Fury, but what else is set to be announced is yet to be seen.

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Everyone’s favorite blue gaming mascot (that isn’t Mega Man), Sonic the Hedgehog has begun his 30th birthday a little early with some new announcements. First up is Sonic is finally getting an official LEGO set thanks to a fan design from Viv Grannell created in LEGO Ideas receiving over 10,000 votes! Secondly, Sonic is coming back to television, but exclusively as a show on Netflix. Sonic Prime is set to release in 2022 with 24 episodes as a collaboration between SEGA and animation studio, WildBrain.

Anime News:

Whether you love it or hate it, Studio Pierrot’s adaptation of Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover has been going strong over the last four years. Sadly, the anime’s official Twitter account announced that the anime series will come to an end on March 30th. Even so, they also announced that a special will be aired after the final episode, along with a quote-on-quote “big announcement” for the series.

On a brighter note, the highly anticipated anime adaptation of the classic JRPG, The World Ends with You finally has a premiere date: April 9th! A short trailer was also released finally revealing the show’s opening theme.

The World Ends with You: The Animation is set to be streamed exclusively on Funimation.

The ever-present Fate series is getting two OVAs called Fate/Grand Carnival, with a previously released key visual being updated to add two different versions of the series’ most recognizable characters, Saber! The two OVAs are set to release in July and August respectively.

Upcoming Releases:

It’s a pretty big week for games this week! We start strong with the very long-awaited sequel to the infamous HuniePop. Set on a holiday island resort, it aims to expand the popular match-3 system introduced in the original. It’s set to release on Steam, Humble Store, MangaGamer and other storefronts on February 8th.

Keeping with the lewd topic, IntiCreates’ Gal Gun series is celebrating its 10th anniversary with Gal Gun Returns! It brings back the tried-and-test rail shooting system in this remastered version of the original title. Ward off the many women after you, all the while aiming for the girl of your dreams in this quirky title. Gal Gun Returns launches for Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) on February 12th.

The anime adaptation of the visual novel classic Clannad is getting a brand new release in the UK! This will be the first time the series has been released on BluRay in the UK, with both Clannad and Clannad: After Story being included across 6 discs! The set also includes six art cards and a forty-page art book. This limited edition will release on April 19th.

That’s all for this inaugural installment of Nook News! Look forward to what’s in store for next week, along with all our regular reviews.

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