Nook News – 8/23/21

Visual Novel News:

We wrote about this a few weeks back, but Parquet from Yuzusoft Sour and NekoNyanSoft will be launching this upcoming Friday on August 27th. It’s an all-ages titles, which is unusual for Yuzusoft. It explores the idea of a brain-machine interface and the digitalisation of human memories, along with the protagonist’s experience with two girls.

You can find out more about the game here

Cryptid Crew is a visual novel and dating sim which is currently on Kickstarter. With 17 days to go at the time of writing, it hasn’t met its goal yet.

It follows a freshly-bitten werewolf on a road trip throughout the US. During the trip, they meet various monsters and cryptids. Interestingly it’s not a dating sim from the start – it’s only at that end that this aspect is unlocked. The player can either pursue romance with the monsters and cryptids, or further develop friendships. The game is LGBT-friendly.

Find out more here.

For those who missed our previous news post, Uchikano – Living With My Girlfriend will be releasing this upcoming Thursday on the 26th of August. It’s a story of a company worker in his first year of employment and his childhood friend who suddenly enters his life after a long time. There’s still time to preorder now for a discount.

Find out more here.

Gaming News:

The recent Pokemon Direct revealed quite a few things! First up was more information on the remakes for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: The Grand Underground is being expanded with new locations called Pokemon Hideaways, we got more details on the Pokemon Contest mode, and features that let you change your character’s outfit and have a Pokemon follow you.

After that, we finally got more information on Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The game will take place in the land of Hisui with new variants of familiar Pokemon exclusive to this region. You’ll be able to catch Pokemon outside of combat, though when combat is required, you’ll have access to new styles of combat moves called Strong Style and Agile Style that add some strategy to the familiar combat system.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl release exclusively on Nintendo Switch on November 19th.

Pokemon Legends Arceus releases exclusively on Nintendo Switch on January 28th, 2022.

Gust and Koei Tecmo’s sequel to Blue Reflection received a massive trailer going through all the new features the sequel will bring to the series!

Blue Reflection: Second Light releases for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on November 9th.

Watch the overview trailer for Blue Reflection: Second Light

While the internet is busy memeing her infamous crouching pose, the fan-favorite character, Jack-O’ has been confirmed to be the second DLC character coming to Guilty Gear -STRIVE-! For season pass holders, you’ll have access to her on August 27th, with the option to purchase her separately on August 30th.

Watch the Jack-O’ reveal trailer for Guilty Gear -STRIVE-

The final entry in the Mary Skelter series is fast approaching, but Compile Heart and Idea Factory have one more reveal to make before the game’s release. The game will be getting a free piece of DLC called Locked Up in Love – True End; a beach-themed visual novel styled piece of content that will be canon to the series. There will also be another piece of DLC called Locked Up in Love – Blood High, which is a spin-off set in a high school setting.

Mary Skelter Finale will release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on September 30th.

Anime News:

Fans eager to see the conclusion of Attack on Titan‘s anime adaptation now have a date to keep in their diaries! The second part of the final season has been confirmed to start in January 2022. The same staff from Studio MAPPA will be returning to work on the second half too.

One of the most anticipated series for the Fall 2020 anime series now has a premiere date! Komi Can’t Communicate‘s first episode will be released on October 6th, with the announcement also revealing a new trailer and key visual.

Watch the new trailer for the Komi Can’t Communicate anime adaptation

Announced last December, we are less than a month away from the release of a Star Wars anime anthology: Star Wars Visions! It will be comprised of nine segments and is being worked on by many famous anime studios, such as Kamikaze Douga, TRIGGER, and Production I.G. To hype up the release, Disney released a brand new trailer to promote the project.

Star Wars: Visions premieres exclusively on Disney+ on September 22nd.

Watch the Star Wars: Visions trailer

Upcoming Releases:

Can you believe it’s been almost six years since Psychonauts 2 was announced? It’s been sixteen years since the original installment launched back in 2005, but at long last, it’s finally time for Raz and company to make their return!

Psychonauts 2 arrives for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 25th.

On the topic of long-awaited sequels, Grasshopper Manufacture is releasing one themselves with Travis Touchdown finally making a comeback! No More Heroes 3 brings back the tried-and-tested 3D combat system from the first two installments but goes a step further by introducing extraterrestrial adversaries to take down.

No More Heroes 3 launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on August 27th.

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