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NUKITASHI 2 – Walkthrough & Guide

NUKITASHI 2 includes three main routes, five subroutes, and an additional scenario. Several of these are locked behind other conditions.

This guide will tell you about the choices to access the various routes, and explain the situation regarding the patch.

We would strongly recommend that you play the original NUKITASHI before playing NUKITASHI 2.

If you’ve not yet purchased this game, you may wish to first check out our review.

Adult Content Patch

If you have purchased the Steam version of NUKITASHI 2, you can download the free 18+ DLC via Johren.

Please note that NUKITASHI 2’s Steam version contains only a small amount of the game. We cannot recommend playing it without the patch.

Alternatively, you can buy the uncensored version of NUKITASHI 2 on websites such as JAST USA.

Route Order and Structure

You can select the Touka, Ikuko, or Rei route as part of the common route. The Nanase, Misaki, and Hinami epilogues are available from the start via the new game or scenario menus.

The Fumino and Asane epilogues are locked in different ways, as is the additional scenario. These are outlined below.

NUKITASHI 2 – Walkthrough & Guide - Touka Route

Touka Reizeiin Route


  • New Game / Senzuripoint: Paccoman
  • Help Touka

NUKITASHI 2 – Walkthrough & Guide - Rei Route

Rei Tadasugawa Route


  • New Game / Senzuripoint: Paccoman
  • Help Rei

NUKITASHI 2 – Walkthrough & Guide - Ikuko 

Ikuko Onabuta Route

  • New Game / Senzuripoint: Paccoman
  • Help Ikuko

NUKITASHI 2 – Walkthrough & Guide - Nanase Route

Nanase Katagiri Epilogue


  • New Game / Nanase’s Epilogue

NUKITASHI 2 – Walkthrough & Guide - Hinami Route

Hinami Watarai Epilogue


  • New Game / Hinami’s Epilogue

NUKITASHI 2 – Walkthrough & Guide - Misaki Route

Misaki Hotori Epilogue


  • New Game / Misaki’s Epilogue

NUKITASHI 2 – Walkthrough & Guide - Fumino Route

Fumino Kotoyose Epilogue


  • Complete the common route (01-30 – From Paradise With Love)
  • New Game / Fumino’s Epilogue

Note: While you will be able to begin Fumino’s epilogue before completing any other part of the game, you will not be able to progress to the ending until completing 01-30.

NUKITASHI 2 – Walkthrough & Guide - Asane Route

Asane Tachibana’s Mini Send-Off


  • Complete Touka’s, Rei’s, or Ikuko’s route first
  • New Game / Asane’s Mini Send-Off

Additional Scenarios (Include CGs)



  • Complete the common route (01-30 – From Paradise With Love)
  • Open the Scenario Menu
  • Choose Route 01
  • Navigate to Page 02
  • Choose 01-31 (That’s What Friends Are For)

Final Epilogue


  • Complete all other scenarios.
  • Open the Scenario Menu
  • Choose Route 09
  • Choose 09-07 (Golden Lays, Golden Days)

NUKITASHI 2 – Walkthrough & Guide - Susuko Route

Susuko Route Append/Hinami Route Append

Unfortunately, these are not included in the English version of NUKITASHI 2.

Platforms: PC
Review: Click Here
Purchase Link: JAST USA

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Thanks to Shiravune for providing a PC review code for NUKITASHI 2.

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