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Otome Domain – Walkthrough & Guide

Otome Domain is a reasonably simple visual novel to get on the correct route, but one heroine might confuse players at first. This guide will tell you which choices to make to access each route, how to unlock the extras, and how to get a final CG outside of the routes. No spoilers can be inferred from this guide.

If you’ve not checked out the game yet, please check out our detailed review here.

There are three routes in Otome Domain, as long as the player is playing the Johren version or using the free 18+ patch with the Steam version. If you are playing the Steam version without the adult content patch, Kazari’s route and the extras are not accessible.

These routes can be done in any order, though I would recommend Hinata  > Yuzu > Kazari as an order. There are no Steam achievements.

Otome Domain - Hinata CG

Hinata Ogaki

Ask Hinata

Go view magic accessories

Go with Hinata

Have her stop

Otome Domain - Yuzu (Kitchen Destroyer)

Yuzu Kifune

Ask Yuzu

Go eat hamburgers

Go with Yuzu

Have her stop

Otome Domain - Kazari CG (Funeral)

Kazari Saionji (Only Available in Johren version/With 18+ Patch)

Ask Yuzu/Ask Hinata (Either choice is okay)

Go eat hamburgers/Go view magic accessories (Either choice is okay)

Go with Yuzu/Go with Hinata (Either choice is okay)

Have her continue*

* = This is the only choice that matters for Kazari’s route. Even if you choose all Hinata or all Yuzu choices beforehand, this puts you on the Kazari route.

Extras (Only Available in Johren version/With 18+ Patch)

There are sixteen extra scenes which can be found in the ‘Extras’ menu. While only available in the versions containing adult content, most extras do not contain anything 18+.

These are unlocked as you progress through the routes. Reaching the end of each route is required to unlock them all, but they unlock one by one at various points throughout the routes, so you can access some before finishing.

The first row is unlocked via the common route. The second row and onward are unlocked via the character routes. The left column is unlocked via Kazari’s route, the middle column via Yuzu’s and the right column via Hinata’s.

Final CG (Only Available in Johren version/With 18+ Patch)

After completing all of the routes and extra scenes, you may find that you are missing the third Minato CG.

To unlock the final Minato CG, go to ‘Gallery’, select ‘Scenes’ and watch the sixth Kazari scene, which is labelled ‘Perspective Switch’. I believe this scene from the ‘BugBug December 2016 Issue – “Otome * Domain” Special Append Data’.

Platforms: PC
Review: Click Here
Purchase: Steam/Johren

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Many thanks go to Shiravune for a PC review code for this title.

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