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Narrative Review Side-Scroller

A Taste of the Past – Review | Dumplings Seasoned With Tears

Released as a free game for PC on 11 March 2022, Sondering Studio’s A Taste of the Past is a narrative side-scroller with cooking mini-games that brings players on a poignant and introspective adventure. Follow the protagonist on a 30-minute journey that is pickled in bittersweet memories and simmering under the gentle fire of familial love lasting […]

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Action Hack'N'Slash Indie Review

Bladed Fury – Review | Big Trouble in Ancient China

While there’s no shortage of games set in Japan, most gamers probably associate ancient China with Dynasty Warriors. China has a rich mythology of its own, one that seems like fertile ground for more games to explore. Bladed Fury, a stylish 2D action platformer from NExT Studios, aims to do just that. Let’s see how […]