ZyberVR All-in-One Controller Extended Handle - Featured Image
Hardware Review Virtual Reality

ZyberVR All-in-One Controller Extended Handle for Oculus Quest 2 – Review

The Oculus Quest 2 (or Meta Quest 2 as they’re now calling it) is an amazing headset, as we explained in our review. But sometimes you want things to feel a little more real. If you’re waving a sword or golf club about in virtual reality, the shape of the controller in your hand does break […]

KiwiDesign Upgraded Elite Strap - Featured Image
Hardware Review Virtual Reality

KiwiDesign Upgraded Elite Strap – Review | Comfy Quest 2

Those of you who read my Oculus Quest 2 review may remember I was very positive about it, but I brought up two major issues – the comfort and the audio. The KiwiDesign Upgraded Elite Strap for Oculus Quest 2 solves almost all of my issues with the comfort part. The KiwiDesign Upgraded Elite Strap is a […]

The Walking Dead Onslaught
Action Review Shooter Survival Virtual Reality

The Walking Dead Onslaught – VR Review

As someone who has been playing virtual reality games since the first consumer Oculus headset came out, I have seen and played many zombie games on VR. Some were mediocre and some were quite fun. For The Walking Dead Onslaught though, this game’s main attraction is the familiarity of the characters brought to life in virtual reality, […]

Oculus Quest 2 - Featured Image
Hardware Review Virtual Reality

Oculus Quest 2 / Meta Quest 2 – Hardware Review | A Not Too Technical VR Review

The Oculus Quest 2 (later rebranded as the Meta Quest 2) is one of the cheapest ways into room-scale virtual reality (VR). Working both standalone and with PC VR – that is connected to a PC, it’s also one of the most flexible systems. As an advocate of getting more people to experience VR, I […]

In Death: Unchained - Featured
Review Roguelite Virtual Reality

In Death: Unchained – VR Review | Death and Archery

A couple of years ago, I was invited to a closed beta. It was for a punishing roguelite archery game called In Death. Roguelites aren’t usually my forte, but I took up the bow and arrow in virtual reality and was sliced, shot, and stabbed as I inched my way further and further, learning from […]

Dance Central - Featured
Music Review Virtual Reality

Dance Central – VR Review | The Virtual Nightclub

One of the major benefits of virtual reality over other types of gaming is how active it keeps you. Whether you’re moving around to dodge bullets, swinging a sword, or moving to the music, you are rarely still. Dance Central for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift certainly pushes you further than some other games […]

Indie Review Virtual Reality

The Wizards: Dark Times – VR Review | Feel Like a Mage!

Set Forth and Unleash Your Spells Ever wanted to throw fireballs? Check. How about summoning an ice bow? Check. How about casting a huge ray of light? Check. If you ever wanted to feel like an actual battlemage, look no further than The Wizards: Dark Times.  Developed in Poland by Carbon Studios, The Wizards: Dark […]