Pico 4 VR Headset - Featured Image
Hardware Review Virtual Reality

Pico 4 ALL-in-One VR Headset – Review

The Pico 4 ALL-in-One VR Headset by ByteDance is a standalone Virtual Reality headset, competing with the Meta Quest 2 as a device for room-scale virtual reality (VR). Should you consider it over the more well-known Meta headset? There are certainly some reasons to look at which I’ll explore in this review. What Can It Do? To […]

DPVR E4 - Featured Image (First Impressions)
Hardware Review Virtual Reality

DPVR E4 VR Headset – Review | A Light and Comfortable VR Headset

The DPVR E4 is a relatively new VR headset from DPVR and perhaps the most comfortable one I’ve tried so far. It has a number of standout points that seem missing from recent PCVR headsets and at a reasonable price to boot. But as those familiar with PCVR will know, new VR headsets often take […]

DPVR E4 - Featured Image (First Impressions)
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DPVR E4 VR Headset – First Impressions and Unboxing

DPVR has kindly sent us a review unit of their DPVR E4 VR headset ahead of its UK launch. We will of course have a full review after thoroughly evaluating it (Update: Find it here!), but wanted to post some initial impressions first. As always, please keep in mind that this first article is only […]

The Persistence - Featured Image
Horror Review Survival Virtual Reality

The Persistence – Review | Attack of the Space Zombies

Horror games just aren’t that scary. At least that’s my experience. I know a lot of people love to play these to give themselves nightmares, but not me. So why is this horror-skeptic playing The Persistence? It all started at a game expo called EGX. I donned a VR headset and fell in love with […]

In Death: Unchained - Featured
Review Roguelite Virtual Reality

In Death: Unchained – VR Review | Death and Archery

A couple of years ago, I was invited to a closed beta. It was for a punishing roguelite archery game called In Death. Roguelites aren’t usually my forte, but I took up the bow and arrow in virtual reality and was sliced, shot, and stabbed as I inched my way further and further, learning from […]

Disaster Report 4 - Featured
Narrative Review Virtual Reality

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories – Review

What’s this all about then? Check the weather report for a mild chance of a natural disaster! Prepare your heart for this and grab your best clothes because we might be getting in danger, but we can still look classy while doing it! Welcome to Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo […]