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The Ditzy Demons Are in Love with Me – Review

The Ditzy Demons Are in Love with Me describes the basic idea of the game well enough. You are surrounded by love interests. While these are not all demons, they are all supernatural in origin.

This game sets the tone as adult-orientated from the very first scene, even on the Steam version without any actual age-restricted content. That said, while sex is certainly a large aspect of this game, I would consider the adult comedy based around the characters to be even more of a focus.

Anyone buying this game from Steam should know that to view the sex scenes, an additional DLC is required. In exchange, however, the price is cheaper for the version on Steam without these scenes compared to the full version on Denpasoft. It is worth noting however that even the Steam version without DLC has some censored adult CGs and sexual content in the text.

While the game is a comedy, it does have a story and some very likable characters. As with many other visual novels, events conspire to have the main character losing his home and living with the five main heroines (and an extra). This is a formula which has been used repeatedly, so it isn’t really a surprise. As is often the case, this story is told with events mostly happening at the player’s home and school with some scenes in the neighborhood between.

The main character gets roped into managing the girls whom you find out all have their own issues which they need to overcome. One example of such an issue is with Riria, your childhood friend whom you discover is actually a succubus. Unexpectedly, however, she is clueless about sexual things, with no real experience in that area and a severe inability to deal with the topic.

The story mostly revolved around trying to help the girls with their various problems and your interactions with them. There is no real serious plot to be found here.

Until the events of this story, your character has no clue about the supernatural side of the world. The demon world is said to be very similar to the regular world, so the girls have no real issues fitting in and things are generally kept hidden.

While the story is fairly basic, the quality is writing is decent for the most part. I have noticed the occasional spelling or grammar issue, but nothing too severe. Apparently, there used to be more issues with this, prior to a patch.

There are four other main characters with routes. Yuu, the yuki-onna who has issues with the cold and sticks to you to stay warm. Arle, the mummy girl who has issues with wearing clothes (or bandages). Emiri who is both your stepsister and an angel with a brother complex. Miyabi, who is a witch as well as the school idol. Along with Riria, these are the five main heroines. There are however three extra characters with short routes which can be accessed later.

All of the main characters seem to fit into a stereotype of some sort, but do have some additional depth and backstory. You interact with all of the characters, including a day dedicated to each one along the main route, which takes about six hours to complete. You can then directly choose which route you would like to proceed with. The only characters which need unlocking are the side characters, which can be chosen from the second playthrough. The main character routes took about two hours each and explored the character backstory in more depth, while the side character routes were about a quarter of the length and were fun, but fairly shallow.

One nice extra was that after the story for a character was completed, some bonus scenes, character wallpapers and other extras opened up. This didn’t really add anything, but it’s always nice to have.

The graphics and sound are very good in this game. The art, in particular, is all done to a high standard and stands out amongst other visual novels with both standard and super-deformed style art. The music is fairly catchy too and the voice acting is great.

I enjoyed playing The Ditzy Demons are in Love with Me, which I found myself surprised at. When I went into the game, I expected it to be more focused on the sex scenes, but it was actually quite a good comedy and the story, while not amazing, kept me reading along with the humor. All of the character routes were enjoyable too, which is often not the case. Having side character routes and bonus content improved the game even further, in my opinion.

You can buy the NSFW version of the game on Denpasoft or the non-adult version on Steam.

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