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Under One Wing – Walkthrough & Guide

Under One Wing (Hitotsu Yane no, Tsubasa no Shita de) takes you through a common route with several choice points. This guide will tell you which choices to make to access the four routes, and explains the situation regarding the adult patch.

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Under One Wing - Mimari Content

18+ Content

If you have purchased the Steam version of Under One Wing, you will need the free 18+ DLC to access the adult content. Unfortunately, as Sol Press is now out of business, this is no longer offically available.

Instead we recommend purchasing it from the JAST USA store with all content, which at the time of writing is the only store where you can still purchase it, other than Steam.

Unlockable CGs

All CGs are unlockable via completing the four routes.

Common Route

You will be presented with the below choices. It does not matter which you select:

  • Push her away
  • Gently talk her down
  • Let her stay
  • I don’t want to know
  • What would you do if I asked?
  • I may as well ask
  • Ask bluntly
  • Ask indirectly
  • Aren’t you jealous?
  • Did something happen between you two?
  • You guys sound pretty incompatible
  • You’re really on guard around Senpai, huh?
  • Stand down
  • Talk to her about it
  • Pretend I didn’t see it
  • Well, this is a predicament
  • What should we do?
  • Let’s just watch and see
  • Our Student Council President is amazing as ever
  • You really know everything, don’t you?
  • I had no idea

After these choices, you will be presented with a final choice which sets you onto a route. I recommend saving here and loading for other routes.

Note: There is no Saiko route

Under One Wing - Hikari


  • I want to fly alongside the A6M5 Zero

Under One Wing - Kazasa


  • I want to fly alongside the Ki-44 Shouki

Under One Wing - Mimari


  • I want to fly alongside the Spitfire LF Mk. IXc

Under One Wing - Nahoko


  • I want to fly alongside the Ki-46 III Otsu + Hei
Platforms: PC (Various)
Purchase Link: JAST Store
Review Link: Click Here

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Many thanks go to Sol Press for a PC review code for this title.

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