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Chinkamo Twins – My Twin Sisters Are Totally Into Me – Review

To quote Austin Powers, “Twins, Basil, Twins!”. It’s not an uncommon fetish, so it’s no surprise that Chinkamo Twins – My Twin Sisters Are Totally Into Me exists. I quite enjoyed the last visual novel I played with a twins route, so I was curious to see how Chinkamo Twins panned out.

Spoil Me, Onii-Chan!

Chinkamo Twins has us take on the role of the protagonist, who we only know as ‘Onii-chan’. Onii-chan lives with his two younger sisters, Saya and Uya. There’s no tragic backstory here like in some visual novels. They’re not living with him due to losing their parents or such. They just absolutely adore him and followed him at some point after he moved out.

Saya and Uya’s love for Onii-chan is their primary motivation throughout Chinkamo Twins. They studied to get into a school he started teaching at, but have started to get bad grades again. This starts study sessions with him and the promise of a reward where he’ll grant their wish.

After an event or two, both twins start questioning their feelings, quickly deciding that they see their brother as a lover, as well as a brother. This soon turns sexual, with a minimal amount of drama and a lot of laughs along the way.

Chinkamo Twins - Study

Terrific Twins

As is often the case with twins in stories, Saya and Uya are opposites in both personalities and looks.

Saya is somewhat reserved in public, though can be rather aggressive in pushing for the main character’s attention. She’s a gamer and never lets people forget it, even using terms like ‘log into my bed’ on occasion and often staying up all night. While both failing exams, Saya comes across as quite intelligent.

Uya is rather outgoing. She plays basketball and seems to get along well with her team. While both characters are clingy, Uya seems more so from the start. She also seems more impulsive and not the brightest at times.

Even design-wise they’re opposite. Saya is a calm blue and has a more modest figure, while Uya is an energetic orange and much more curvy. Saya wears cat ears and Uya dog ears at times, which both match their personalities.

I enjoyed the contrast, though in the later parts it did have them both pushing hard for attention which made it less obvious.

Never Too Serious

Despite Chinkamo Twins featuring someone in a sexual relationship with both of his blood-related twin sisters, it doesn’t linger on societal views of their relationship or family issues. There’s a small amount of resistance initially, but it soon turns into the idea that it doesn’t matter what society accepts.

Instead of focusing on interpersonal drama, it more often shows events like cooking disasters, failing to understand when studying, and being teased by students. There was certainly some jealousy and possessiveness shown, but it was never too much of an issue and usually just played for laughs, aside from a couple of plot points.

It wasn’t always laugh-out-loud funny, but I did certainly enjoy the humor in Chinkamo Twins. Beyond the comedy, there were quite a lot of sex scenes. I’d certainly classify this as a nukige.

Chinkamo Twins - Murder Scene

Twins and Threesomes

On the topic of sex scenes, it’s worth noting that mosaic censorship is used in Chinkamo Twins. The sexual content itself is fairly vanilla, with two minor exceptions. The first is technically a non-con scene, as Onii-chan is asleep. The second is the inevitable threesome that most would expect on buying this visual novel.

In addition, the game features an option to change the sprites. This includes modes where sprites have animal ears (which has a rather cute ‘nyan nyan’ soundbite when enabled), nude sprites, and nude sprites with animal ears.

The above may not apply to a Steam version if one is released after the time of writing.

Localization Notes

Love Lab brought Chinkamo Twins to us in English and Chinese. They’re also behind The Humbling of a Holy Maiden and Lamunation.

The writing flows smoothly, is easy to read and I only noticed a couple of errors in terms of spelling or grammar. In one case, I suspect the wrong word was used as they referred to a female teacher as ‘Sir’, likely as other uses of ‘sensei’ were referring to the brother. Considering the sheer amount of text in visual novels, this is an impressively low rate of errors.

I did notice a few bits of British English, which makes sense as Love Lab is headed by Meru, a fellow Brit. Notably ‘Uni’, which is short for university. 

I can’t say for certain what the setting is meant to be, but they call it ‘Uni’ and ‘school’ interchangeably, which could mean the same in some circumstances but sounded odd to me. But beyond that, the background appears to be a standard Japanese school, they wear uniforms and they mention taking the core subjects that a Japanese high school student would. It might’ve been changed for future Steam inclusion. This comes up infrequently and feels like a fair trade-off to get onto Steam. I know some people find it a point of contention though.

Chinkamo Twins - Saya the Gamer

Pretty Sprites

I personally liked the character design of Saya and Uya and the art style used, both of which you can see in the screenshots. Sprites occasionally changed expressions to add a more dynamic feeling, but it didn’t happen too often. There was some minimal use of animations too.

While the design is nice, it does feel like a budget title in terms of graphics. Only Saya and Uya have sprites, with the female teacher who appears semi-frequently remaining invisible. It’s set to a 720p window, which can be fullscreen but it would’ve been nice to see 1080p assets for a title that only came out a few years ago in Japan.

With that said, it has 25 CG (not including variations) which certainly isn’t bad for a visual novel of this length.

In terms of audio, all characters aside from the main one are voiced. This includes characters that only appeared once. The voices all suit well, with Uya’s energetic nature coming through especially well I felt. Saya’s cool tones were always pleasant to listen to as well. It includes fifteen background tracks and a vocal opening song which were all fine and helped to set the mood but were not particularly memorable.


Short and Sweet

This is a short visual novel, which I expect would take an average reader only a few hours to finish. The only choices are in the sex scenes and there are no routes or alternate endings.

This isn’t necessarily a downside. Chinkamo Twins is rather cheap. While it’s short, it’s fairly priced to match that.


I can’t say that Chinkamo Twins – My Twin Sisters Are Totally Into Me is too memorable, but it’s a reasonable title at a budget price. It had some nice humor and cute twins who just want love from their Onii-chan.


Platforms: PC
Purchase: Denpasoft / JAST USA

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Many thanks go to the publisher Love Lab for a PC review code for this title.

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