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NekoNyan Announces 5 Upcoming Visual Novels

Along with updates on existing projects, NekoNyan has announced plans for 5 upcoming titles at Anime Weekend Atlanta (Awacon). With titles from five different developers, there’s a good mix here.

Love Elections and Chocolate

Alias: Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate / KoiChoco

Developer: Sprite


Description: Sappy romantic Oojima Yuuki and notorious chocolate-hater Sumiyoshi Chisato are longtime friends who both attend Takafuji Academy, a massive mega-school with over 5,000 students. The two are part of the Culinary Research Club—which sounds cool on paper, but in actuality, is just an excuse to sit around and eat junk food with their friends. As the Student Council presidential election approaches, however, the CRC is targeted for termination by a prominent candidate named Shinonome Satsuki. Their only option: to join the election and keep her from winning at any cost!

Notes: Takes place in the same setting as Aokana. It is currently 100% translated. KoiChoco will be censored with mosaics.

My Klutzy Cupid

Alias: Ore no Cupid ga Ponkotsu Sugite Kowa~i.

Developer: Hulotte


Description: The Love Note. A mysterious, blank notebook foisted on me by a self-proclaimed angel of love, Lovmieil (Love me ale)

By writing a person’s name in the notebook, one’s romantic affinity with that person—one’s fatedness, in other words—will be displayed as a numerical value, with the limitation being that it can only be done once per day. What’s more, advice on how to increase that value will also appear within its pages. By putting its advice into action, one can then improve their fatedness with the person in question. But here’s the rub. The owner of the Love Note only has 90 days to find the bride of their dreams. And unless I manage to do so, I’m going to be cursed with impotence for the rest of my life…

Notes: This will be released without mosaics. 95% translated. Release date not yet known.

Love Love Love, Burning in my Heart!

Alias: Baka Moe Heart ni Ai o Komete! / BakaMoe

Developer: Praline


Description: Renren Academy hosts the hottest singles in the area—and boy are they ever advertising it! The school wants nothing more than for its students to hook up. Between couples-only options at the cafeteria and classes on romance and spicing up your relationship, Renren is the place to be for discovering true love. Enter Shoutarou Yamanaka, a hot-blooded dude who’ll stop at nothing to get a girlfriend. There’s just one thing standing in his way: the Normie Resistance Brigade, who are determined to cancel the upcoming Christmas party where couples thrive. Will Shoutarou find a girlfriend, or will the Normie Resistance Brigade ruin everything?

Notes: This will be released without mosaics. 100% translated and edited. ‘Hopefully won’t be too long until release’.

Ready or not, the deadline is coming!

Alias: Enki dekinai / Uchi wa Mou, Enki Dekinai

Developer: Sonora


Description: Our main character, Shiiba Masashi, has an older sister that owns a game dev company. One day, as he and his childhood friend Miku are out in town, his sister suddenly pulls up in a car. She tells them it’s an emergency and asks them to hop in. Once they arrive at her office, they realize what exactly this “emergency” was. The game company she owns is actually an eroge company, and they’re running behind schedule with development of their new title. Miku is an amateur writer who’s been uploading novels in secret, so his sister recruits her to help with the scenario. Masashi, on the other hand, gets roped into helping with QA and other random tasks. From the transition of fan to creator, he’ll learn the ins-and-outs of the industry, discover his own creative passion, and maybe even find love with some of his coworkers in the process.

Notes: This will be released without mosaics. 100% translated, 20% edited.

Mysteries of the Heart: The Psychic detective case files

Alias: Shinsou noise / Shinsou Noise ~Jushin Tantei no Jikenbo~

Developer: Azurite


Description: Tachibana Kazuma is a new freshman at Shizunomiya Academy, having just moved to the sleepy seaside city this spring, and he has a secret: the ability to peer into other people’s minds and hear their thoughts. But although this ability sounds amazing at first, it’s less useful than you might think, because he cannot tell which thoughts belong to whom. Random thoughts talk over each other in his head, all spoken in the same robotic monotone, and the mental burden can get overwhelming at times. His first month of school is wholly consumed just trying to rein in his power and settle into something like a regular routine.

At Shizunomiya Academy, students are assigned to year-long “teams” for their group projects, to help them bond and handle various challenges together. The system seems innocuous enough, but the fickle hand of fate puts together an unusual group for Tachibana which sets his life on a strange, new course, a series of events where dealing with his mind-reading woes are the least of his concerns.

The shy Kazuma soon finds himself in the colorful company of:

  • Quiet, aloof Yukimoto Sakura
  • Sweet airhead Momozono Moka
  • Energetic, sporty, and tart Kazama Natsuki
  • Self-proclaimed spiritual medium Kurotsuki Saya
  • Gorgeous society girl Ootori Yuriko
  • Meathead extraordinaire Kitagami Yoichi
  • Desperate for a girlfriend Takanaga Shunta

The mish-mashed personalities struggle to gel, and their resolve as a team will first be tested by the grim Case of the Stolen Gym Clothes, in Tachibana Kazuma’s story, the story of a man who will be called Psychic Detective.

Notes: This will be released without mosaics. Described by panel host as a plotge and low on sexual content. 65% translated and 60% edited.

The Five Announcements

That’s all for the five announcements. It looks like an interesting selection of visual novels! KoiChoco is one that I’ve been personally interested in for a while after watching the anime series.

Aokana Extra 2 was also mentioned as targeting a December 2022 release, but this is not yet confirmed.

Descriptions courtesy of NekoNyan. Screenshots for the featured image sourced from VNDB as linked above.

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