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Immortals Fenyx Rising – Review | A New Hero Emerges

Immortals Fenyx Rising wasn’t on my radar until shortly before release. A new action-adventure IP by Ubisoft with mythology themes and gameplay that many have compared to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It certainly sounds like a winning formula, so I had to check it out. Shipmates of Stone You play the […]

Moero Crystal H - Featured
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Moero Crystal H – Review | Sexual Satire

FAN SERVICE: THE GAME I’ve always maintained a single belief. In my opinion, nudity or any sort of sexual pandering doesn’t inherently mean a horrible title. It’s the gameplay that should dictate such things. For instance, Gal Gun 2 is filled with lewd content and yet it’s actually a competent on-rails shooter. The same can be said […]

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Fairy Tail – Review | Let the Magic Games Begin!

IT’S FAIRY TAIL, NOT FAIRY TALE An anime spanning over 300 episodes, with a few video game adaptions. There’s no denying Fairy Tail has been successful. Even I haven’t been able to escape hearing of it, despite never having seen it. The size is intimidating and will be a massive time sink to binge. So, when I […]

Destroy All Humans - Featured
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Destroy All Humans – Review | Remaking An Invasion

Bringing the Past to the Future Destroy All Humans remakes the cult classic of the same title. It has been fifteen years though, so they’ve made more than a few improvements. This is not just the old Destroy all Humans from 2005 but prettier. They have absolutely kept the spirit and what made the old games so […]

Ion Fury - Featured
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Ion Fury – Review | A Rampageous “Old-School” FPS

First Person Shooters have been a lucrative genre since inception, mostly down to the overwhelming, and continued success of the DOOM franchise. The ’90s were where it was at. The dawn of a new age. The coming of death, blood, monsters, and more importantly – puns. It was a glorious time. A rampageous time. But […]

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Speaking Simulator – Review

Have you ever wanted to be in the shoes of an advanced, sleek A.I built to comprehend complex human interactions in order to communicate accurately? Yes? Then this isn’t the game for you! Speaking Simulator is an eccentric game that hilariously puts you in day-to-day situation of human interaction. However, instead of giving you choices […]

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The Wizards: Enhanced Edition – VR Review

Before I begin, there are two things to say. First off, this game has two modes of movement: Mixed (smooth locomotion and teleportation), and teleportation only, so if you feel disorientation when movement is simulated in VR, you’ve got nothing to worry about with this game, and you can play this game just fine. Secondly, […]

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Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk DX – In-Depth Review

Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk DX is a remaster of the original JRPG released on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita back in 2012 – 2014. It’s come back for 2019 – 2020, with added features and improved graphics. This new release brings the title to the PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 which […]